Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Summary Placeholder

Hello friends!

I am currently having myself a little adventure as you may be aware -- so no Summary this week but I plan to have a LOT to report next week!

Hope you're well, readers o' mine!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Summar-EEEE!

This week I have mostly been...

In a tumult of angst of my own making*

You know when you imagine a situation, and things appear to happen to acerbate your imaginings, to the point where you can no longer see a clear line between your imaginings/paranoia and reality, until finally something happens to snap you out of it and you realise that all that tumultuous angst, which had physically been eating you up, was in your head the whole time?


Moving on.

*Yes, my friends, fight it though I may, I must make this very public admission: I am a drama llama.


This, still... (I suspect it'll be my primary flight read!)

Hoping to read...

in the coming week...!



On Thursday night I wagged choir practice (naughty QB) and moseyed (yes, I mosey, I am a moseyer) to the outskirts of Covent Garden to meet former workmate Miranda for much catching-up over a delicious (couple of glasses of) house red at Fernandez and Wells on Denmark Street

where for over an hour we put the world to rights. Then, in need of greater sustenance, we headed to Flat Iron Steak down the road, where I ordered the Flat Iron special -- steak, well-done at my request -- with fries (had to be done) and peppercorn sauce (tradition). I didn't even need the mini cleaver supplied at the table (probably for the best I left that well alone, knowing my habit of harming myself with sharp or hot objects...): the steak was so tender and flavoursome it went down a treat.

I mourned every slice, and I didn't even need the sauce. (The fries benefitted from that instead.) Miranda had the burger, cooked medium-rare, with a side of aubergine. And for afters we devoured a mouthgasmic dessert of ice cream served in a champagne glass, with chocolate sauce and bourbon in tiny jugs, to pour into it.

It was so good I could have married the whole restaurant. (And I ate everything before I could photograph it all. Soz.) I Can't. Stop. Thinking. About. It.

If like me you're a die-hard carnivore, then Flat Iron is your go-to. No reservations required: we rocked up at about 7pm on a Thursday night and were seated and served very quickly, not to mention given a little pot of popcorn to snack on before the mains arrived, and very quickly they did too.


Rewatching | Ghost

I loved this film. I still love this film. It's comedy-tragedy with a killer (sorry) soundtrack by Maurice Jarre (with a little help from the Righteous Brothers). I studied it during a Film Studies module at university (there's a lot of symbolism connected with the colours blue and earthy-brown, fyi...). I dwelled on it for a brief moment in this morbid little blog post back in May 2012.

I coveted blue glass ornaments like the ones on display in Sam and Molly's gorgeous, gorgeous apartment. No, scrap that, I just coveted that apartment.

{Screengrab from DVD | Ghost}

And of course now it has that added poignancy brought by the now late Patrick Swayze.

But I'm pretty sure the moaning, groaning, 'cartoon' 'bad demons' that snatch away the souls of evil Willie and Tony weren't intentionally part of the comedy.

And on the theme of 90s films, also:

Rewatching | Bed of Roses

Not sure I'd seen this for decades before I hunted down a very cheap Region 1 DVD copy online but... it's properly endearing albeit understated, and you really do root for these very sweet people to get on.

Preparing | for ....

...well, I think I've banged on about it sufficiently for the last gazillion years (or, six months).

2 DAYS! 

Yep, I shall be taking off for La Grande Pomme in h-exactly deux jours. (Heck knows why I'm writing in faux-French.)

{Thanks to George for posting this picture on my Wall! :)}

This is where the big EEEEE! from the title comes in, my friends. I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and... yep, very soon someone's going to give me a good slap, which I shall deserve.

Nobutseriously, I am massively grateful to those of you who've listened to me bang on about this trip for however long, I know I've bordered on having been unbearable; and to those who are excited for me, and those who want me to check in so they know I'm safe, I love you all.

As an aside I'm very much looking forward to meeting up with former colleague-friends Jenny and Pippa next week -- always good to have people you know in a city you don't!

The packing is a challenge, however. Turns out it's hard to fit an entire collection of cloche hats in a medium-sized wheelie suitcase. Who knew?!

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And finally... (Evie, this is internet gold, I love it)


I will of course try to work up a Sunday Summary of Sorts next week... Can't promise, but I will do my bestest!

Have a nice day, y'all!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been... a black pit of grump. So, not a lot of activity a chez QB (you'll probably be glad to hear!)

But I have been:

Reading | The Hundred Year Old Man... by Jonas Jonasson

Designing | badges for Beebop Badges

I'll admit I've let this little sideline slip somewhat of late.

But once the excitement of the Big Trip is over and life is a little more routine at least for a month or two, I'll rededicate time to developing and updating the site.

Getting my happy on |
at my friends Fiona and Bianka's wedding reception

The girls got mawwied! I'm ridiculously proud. And I'm also pleased that I live in a time in which these two lovely ladies can get married and their commitment to each other can be officially recognised. Yay!

Oh and the reception involved cupcakes, glowsticks, and cheesy choonz of the Macarena/Saturday Night/Jive Bunny Mastermix variety.

These are all excellent things. Well played, ladies. Well played.

Counting down the days

Oui, mes amis, in just


I'm leavin' on a jet plane for NYC. (Not sure I've mentioned this in the last six minutes, thought I'd best remind y'all...)


I spent the earlier months of planning scrupulously poring over guidebooks and trying to regiment my days by neighbourhood (or, as the locals would have it, neighborhood), working out exactly where to go and where to be to get the most out of my trip.

Then I thought to myself, Self, this is an adventure. Adventure means exploration. Go and explore. (But just try to remember where your hotel is, y'know, to be safe.)

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Jusqu'à la prochaine fois...

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Summary

This week, I have mostly been...


Not physically, just somewhat emotionally.

I love living on my own, don't get me wrong. It's remarkably freeing.

And I love my flat; I love the personal space in a metaphorical, and physical, sense.

But sometimes having too much space gives me too much time to think, and overthink.

{INFJ is my closest Myers-Briggs type -- and this is very true!}

Not sure what happened the day I turned 36, but I seem to have cultivated a lot of opinions and values, and I'm determined to defend them to the death, whether they're about being coerced into Ice Bucket Challenges, or about the Co-op failing to remove red-top papers from children's sight in-store (so I'm boycotting the shop).

I spent much of my youth, twenties and early thirties with very little conviction about anything (living in mild fear that people wouldn't like me if I kicked off about something) -- and now I'm defiant. But hey:

Finishing | Empire of the Sun

Watching | the last episodes of Educating Yorkshire student Musharaf at Stammer School. Many, many tears were shed.

Listening to this song on repeat...

{BOOM CLAP | Charli XCX}

Finalising my plans! 

16 days till NY-SEE YA!

{via Pinterest}

I can think of very little else...

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Does this scene look familiar?

{Within You sequence from Labyrinth}

And the original:

 ¡Adiós, amigos!