Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sunday Summary | Ooh, you make me live!

Dear FOQ

Anyone else fancying the idea of huddling in a giant hoodie and not leaving the house for the rest of the day (or what there is left of the day...)?

This fortnight, I have mostly been ...

Reading πŸ“•

Er ...


I abandoned The Secret of Crickley Hall. 

It were rubbish. And as the ever-wise Ms Evie said,

Life's too short to read bad books!

I haven't started anything else yet.

I am way behind on the Challenge.

I am, my friends, Between Books!

But I have a delicious Long Weekend Away coming up very soon so here's hoping I have more Time to Read.

Although there's a good chance that playing UNO with Ma, taking too many photographs of stunning scenery and writing The Novel will take precedence.

Watching πŸ‘€ πŸ“Ί

{How I Met Your Mother}

Wait, suddenly I'm on the final season? How?!

And whatever will I fixate on next? (*looks up Josh "Ted Mosby" Radnor on IMDB*...)

Listening πŸ‘‚πŸŽΆ

to a September's worth of music courtesy of this 'ere challenge:

I'll leave you to match the songs to the dates. 

(Hint: it's all in order from the top down. Oh, wait. So, I didn't leave you to work it out after all. Eh.)

Snapping πŸ“·

{via here}

Have a look at the video below to see how I managed to jimmy the themes into my daily snaps ...

Or not. Will I know either way? Probably not. Still. I like to give you the option.

The August Break was an interesting exercise in observation on most days; on others it was a trial to interpret the theme.

Spending Quality Time ... πŸ’—⏰

Spending Quality Time ... πŸ’—⏰

Spending Quality Time ... πŸ’—⏰

(yes, that's three quality times in one week/eight days!)

... with this one.

Friday 1st September | Nats' and QB's Night In-Night Out

This began as planned, as one of our low-key Friday Evenings In (before which I had purchased four frozen pizzas, not knowing which we might fancy, and had also made backup plans to cook my signature dish, pasta extravaganza).

These plans went out of the window shortly after the Ginger One arrived.

By some mischief and misfortune we ended up in the local Wetherspoons which by reputation is one of the town's Notorious Dives, to prepare ourselves for a wander round Sainsbury's with, I dunno, a tiny tipple (or, a fruity shot, one of the two) ...

... We never ate those pizzas.

... We never ate my pasta either.

Cheesy chips with bacon a la Spoons, that was our nosh-up of choice.

We know how to live.

{We made it to Sainsbury's, mind you ...}

Stop ... Time for a Snapchat GIF break!

The following morning was devoted to the inevitable Earl Grey for Natalie (made expertly by moi – for a non-tea drinker I pride myself on an uncanny ability to make a decent cuppa):

followed by the traditional fry-up:

and the inevitable Mooch round the Shops where we harassed some poor young men who were only trying to do their jobs ...

Standard shenanigans.

Tuesday 5th September | Hens, Inc: The Reunion

This was a particularly unique

sojourn: our dear friend Louise, who we hadn't seen for nigh on twelve years 

{Hens, Inc, 2005}

was passing through London on her way home from a short jaunt to Europe.

Four out of the original five of us, known as Hens, Inc as we were Natalie's Hens when she married in 2004, have stayed in fairly close touch since the mid-noughties, so on Tuesday, off we went – Natalie, Gaby, Louise and I – to London Tahn to meet up; it felt like we'd never been apart.

Do we have time for a photo montage video? Oh, I think we do.

Filmed on location at the Millennium Bridge, the Globe, Southwark Cathedral cafe, Borough Market and The Market Porter, and Tate Modern.

[Most photographs taken by Natalie, who over the years has become our official photographer!]

Friday 8th September | Nats' Birthday Night Out

We discovered on our last Big Night Out-Out that oftentimes revisiting the hot spots of our youth is not always a good idea.

However, sometimes, when that hot spot has been shaken up and improved markedly (even if the toilets are leaky – or maybe it's the patrons who are leaky –, the smell of vomit rises from the lower dance floor later into the evening, and it transpires that some young women lack any modicum of class especially when drunk: yes, we mean you, blonde tattooed barefoot girl, trying and failing to twerk on a security guard, and trying and failing to swipe one of our water bottles) ... the result is an absolutely stonking night out.


Back when we were young(er), we were frequent clubbers at Tunbridge Wells' Davinci's:

{I'm sure I have more photographs somewhere.
Hmm, may need to dig out those bad boys ...}

Dav's has gone through several permutations since then (as has my hair, I'm pleased to report: the Ginger One just looks perpetually foxy), but, happily, part of the premises is now the not-too-shabby Zee Bar.

We began Natalie's Birthday Night Out in the Barn (home of Curly Fry Friday)

where we met Nats' former workmate, the lovely lovely Emma

and went straight onto the themed shooters. Now, I'm not usually one for a shooter but, will you just look at this menu?!

I can recommend all of them. (Especially the cakey ones.)

Not that I've tried them all but between us ... ahem.

{It's a stranglehold, yes, but it comes from a place of love}

{Album cover right here}

 Now, a word about this shot:

Disregarding the fact I've blatantly taken this shot in the pub toilets (!) ... See that dress?

That's the superlative flamingo-print dress the uhmazing Ms Jess gave me for my birthday! πŸ’“

And let us just have a moment for this portrait Jess' daughter Mimi did of me in my flamingo dress, toting a flamingo handbag, no less! πŸ’“

 I love this so much!


Back to the birthday girl and her exploits!


We did a lot of dancing as well as lot of selfies. Just so ya know.

{Well, some call it dancing, others call it pushing pineapple}

{Kebab shop? What kebab shop?}

Why yes, those are cheesy chips we're eating. Not in a bus stop but on a street bench.

Still classic.

Still classy.

To wit, a Playlist in Tribute.

I wish I could remember all the tunes from Friday night – and there were loads of great ones, loads – this is just a teensy selection plus a couple of Brucie (RIP) Bonuses for good measure.

{Track one is, as you know, the Bye Bye Fisticuffs song.
Which the epic DJ at Zee Bar played in full.
Followed by Single Ladies. Mixed perfectly. It was an epic moment.}

Needless to say, we sought out a greasy spoon for breakfast.

We're great traditionalists.

Pinterest Pins of the Fortnight πŸ“Œ

Fortnightly Web Finds πŸ•Έ πŸ”Ž

Serious 😐

• No, we don't need "female-only" safe spaces | Lucinda Borrell on The Pool | And it's time women were no longer told to modify their behaviour to avoid assault, Surrey Police ...

Silly πŸ˜›

• It's been a while since I featured the wondrous Suzelle DIY (on YouTube) but here she is, sharing her favourite egg hacks. (And as Georgina/Norgstar knows, I love eggs. Keep 'em coming.)

Might have to try poaching an egg in clingfilm ... eggcellent idea.

(I'll get me coat.)

• Google Translate Sings ... Total Eclipse of the Heart | Malinda Kathleen Reese on YouTube

That's all folks, but kindly ready yourselves to witness my Holiday Snaps in two weeks' time.

And don't forget to wish my fabulous bestie a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow!


Happy birthday, Natalie; we are the SHE- to each other's -NANIGANS!

qb xx